About me


Hi, my name is Lisa Nilson

I am here to save you from your average web design and development agency. You have all the skills to grow your business, I have the website and marketing know-how to make it happen. Let me help encourage the passion in you to develop your business and get more leads, customers, and sales.

Want to learn more about the beginnings of Fairbanks, Alaska's newest website design studio?...

I have always been very passionate about everything that I do, so lets look at my very first and constant passion... Hockey!

I have been playing hockey for nearly 22 years of my life. I achieved my goal of playing NCAA Division 1 Ice Hockey, and I now still play regularly. I also embrace this passion by giving back to the hockey community by coaching various youth teams. This passion is something I was thankfully able to share with my family growing up, and now share with my husband.

While going to college, I realized that I was passionate about working with different local Alaskan businesses on their digital marketing. My experience working with them allowed me to branch out into the world of web and graphic design. Also, the knowledge I gained while receiving my bachelor's degree and my master's degree, has allowed me to become a confident business owner. 

I have worked in a few different positions in Alaska that all have been extremely rewarding, taught me so much, and helped get me to where I am today. Because of those experiences, I was able to make a massive decision to put all of my free time into creating my own business. Now, I get to do what I am passionate about and build custom websites and templates for people all over to use in their own businesses.

I want to ensure that I am always providing what my clients want and need! I currently have templates for sale, but am working on providing retainer services to clients and additional template add-on's to customize your templates even more.

I want to be the company that people think of when they think of "Fairbanks, Alaska Website Designer". I want to be there to make your life easier, so you are able to spend your time on growing your business in other ways or pursuing your own passions!

Please contact me and let me know if you have any future requests, suggestions, or ideas that you have that would help with your business. I would love to hear them and find a way to made them work for you!

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